Chaliz Brown

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Monster, Pop-Fusion is to be consumed in abundance. It is also a therapy. Those who suffer the most are the ones who have the ability to heal people. There are fears everywhere that are fracturing our society, and my duty as an artist is to make the sun appear in the heaviest storms.

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Music conveys our world, I am a fan of this ideology. It challenges me, it is timeless. This indefinable brew to our existence has been in my veins for ages and the love I have for it is unconditional. Music is my religion, it is a vortex that plunges me into the depths of the abyss of light. Music is deeply rooted in my soul. I know nothing else that can make me so strong, so wild, so fragile at the same time. When words fail, music speaks to me, calms me and makes me happy. Don't judge the substance I create and share with you, but just love or hate the sounds of the music I use. Music is my homeland, it heals me and when I go bad it smiles at me. I love him. Dear friends, here I am with my foot in the stirrup to serve you in music. ∞ 


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